Tripoli Burrows the Artist


The Ladies of Silhouette

In 2005 I took part in an art exhibition called "Beneath the Surface". All of the participants were friends of mine that I had studied art and photography with at  the then "College of the Bahamas". It was a time of growth and a time of maturity. It was also the last exhibition i would take part in to this very day. I loved art, I loved painting and I loved sharing, but life had many ups and downs that would overwhelm my desire to paint. While the events that caused me to lay down my brush were very personal, as I look back at the last series of work I made, I feel so much love for those pieces. I call them "The Ladies of Silhouette". 


This was a series of six. The style of painting was very playful and full of color, but each had a presence that made them come to life. The theme of the show was like the name, explore the things that lie beneath. I wanted to show how just the way a woman positions herself can say so much. Her body language does not need help from her eyes, or any feature on her face. The attitude of her presence says just enough.

As I take up that brush again, and delve into the world of art once more, it is the same image of a woman that will be my first study. It all started with the "Ladies of Silhouette"